WWE 2k22: 5 Things To Know Before The Release!

The successor to the critically panned WWE 2K20, WWE 2k22 (digi) will be a better version of the 2019 version that came out with such a negative reception to the last entry in the series. While it’s not surprising that Visual Concepts is seemingly determined to right its wrongs, will WWE 2k22 (digi) be the answer to all gamer’s expectations? 

WWE 2k22 (digi) is in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and was announced in April of this year during WWE’s WrestleMania PPV event. Fans have been given small snippets of information (since its announcement) in regards to the game and its mechanics which consists of teasing motion captures for various moves and exciting superstar entrances. One thing is that aside from this exciting info, fans haven’t learned much about the game, and that is concerning if you comprehend that the developer has had an additional year to put it together. 

WWE 2k22 (digi): 5 Things Gamers Can Expect Before 2022

1. It is going against the October trend release:

Every WWE 2K game in the last 8 years has had its release in October, so it stands to reason that WWE 2k22 (digi) may follow suit and release in October as well, but it is November now and there is still no information on the release because Visual Concepts revealed that WWE 2K22 will release in March 2022 – a huge delay! 

2. Visual Concepts announced that WWE 2k22 (digi) will hit differently: 

However, the lack of information provided by the 2K and developer  might prove worrisome to those who are hoping for a change to the formula. If the 2K and developer aka Visual Concepts wants WWE 2k22 (digi) to truly be different, it will need to have something more to show than new animations. 

3. Fan expectations for WWE 2k22 (digi):

The general consensus of fans is that WWE 2k22 (digi) will indeed usher in a new era of WWE games and that the WWE 2K games have felt more or less the same amongst fans, with little innovation. 

But many fans want something different than what they have been given in the past number of years even though WWE 2k22 (digi) will continue the legacy of the WWE 2K games because  fans are wanting to experience gameplay features like a General Manager Mode and a dynamic branching campaign for players to involve their characters. 

With their favorite superstars’ insight, the fans also want to have their own character involved in storylines and for their choices and outcomes to matter. 

For example, if a player loses a title match, they shouldn’t be forced to replay the match until they win. Instead, the story should continue in a dynamic way rather than in a punishment method that makes the game feel more immersive for the player, just like in the shows that the game is emulating.

4. A GM Mode hasn’t been experienced in a WWE game since WWE SmackDown! Vs Raw 2008:

One of the main reasons for this is that the game is still played to this very day.  

Another example of an older WWE title that is still revisited today is none other than WWF No Mercy which was very easy to pick up but hard to master gameplay. Sure, it was a game that anyone could hop in and enjoy but the same ease of accessibility is lost in many of the WWE 2K games.

While more and more creators  go for a more realistic approach, developers don’t realize it has ended up being more buggy as the series goes on. 

WWE 2k22 (digi) certainly needs to differentiate itself from its predecessors if it is to be truly successful with the fans. 

5. Michael Cole states WWE 2k22 (digi) has a rebuilt game engine and smoother controls:

Commentator Michael Cole mentioned on the July 23 episode of WWE SmackDown, that WWE 2k22 (digi) will feature these 2 new additions which is rather big news considering the WWE games have been using the same engine since the PlayStation 1 entries. 

A rebuilt game engine and smoother controls are a great first step if WWE 2k22 (digi) wants to regain respect from fans, as the last few entries in the WWE 2K series have simply made fans not invest in these games! 

Any fan-requested features would simply be the cherry on top but at the basic level, a rebuilt game engine and smoother controls could lead to better load times, a cleaner frame rate if the 2K and developer aka Visual Concepts can nail the feel of the game that fans are wanting.

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