Will Future Casino Movies Be About Online Casinos?

Let us talk about movies for a while, more specifically, casino-themed movies. Most movie enthusiasts have at least seen one of them even if the movie genre they prefer is horror, romance or anything else.

When it comes to old school casino movies you can certainly find some golden classics. Titles such as the 2006 Bond movie Casino Royale, Ocean’s Eleven, Casino, Croupier and several others. 

Not to mention that the James Bond franchise will offer up a few scenes in a casino in many of its long list of movies. Other movies such as Rain Man, Ocean’s Thirteen and Rat Race also have some great scenes that take place at a casino.

A theme that captivates the audience

What is it about casino movies that fascinate us so much that we keep wanting more? Much like casinos themselves, they are exciting and as in the Ocean’s franchise, who doesn’t want to be the “little guy” that beats the big corporations and hopefully gets away with it. With that said, we can probably all agree that casino stories sell and with good reason.

Is it even possible to portray online casinos in a movie?

Hollywood seems to be able to make movies about almost anything, and online casinos do not seem to be an exception. On the other hand, could another country perhaps succeed in this specific topic? 

Sweden has emerged as a fairly strong nation in movie-making in recent years. Sweden might be one of the countries able to bring the online casino trend to the big screen.

However, Sweden has barely any movies that include classic casinos. Amy Martinsson, who has a long experience in the casino industry, reflects on the topic:

“En film om online casino kan vara svår att få till eftersom mycket av det vi associerar till casinon i filmens värld är glamouren, minglet med andra spelare och stämningen. Möjligen kan jakten på det bästa casino på nätet ha potential som en komedi men det är något som filmindustrin får avgöra”.

If a movie regarding gambling online would be made, the challenge would certainly be how to make the scenes as impactful as in Casino Royale.

Future Casino Movies

What kind of story would need an online casino? That is the first question any screenwriter would have to ask themselves. As shown by the list of 100 movies about gambling and poker, many of the classic casino themed movies have heists, con jobs, spies, gangsters and loan sharks as the main story elements. Doing something similar but online might prove to be difficult.

Having a character sitting in front of a computer the entire movie is not that exciting. With new technology, VR is a better option to use in a casino story.

Matrix-inspired story or Ocean’s Online?

One way to go with an online casino movie could be something inspired by the Matrix. But perhaps the other way around. Instead of waking up and fighting a machine world, the main character is diving down into a world where they have to beat several casino games? Perhaps some AI has taken over the internet? 

Could it be possible to make an Ocean’s 14 Online? How would that play out? A VR heist or con perhaps? Hacking the servers of an online casino?

There are, no doubt, several possibilities, but making it an interesting movie to watch, well, that is the biggest challenge.

Promotional value for online casino movies

One true thing is that a movie where one or several online casinos plays a major part will certainly add to casino games based on films. Many modern slot machines take their inspiration from Bond movies, Marvel, DC and horror classics. 

While it is true that movie-to-game licences for PC games based on movies rarely hits the mark, slots do not have the same problem. That being said, not all branded slots are equally successful but they are still fun to play.  


It is undeniable that people love movies where casinos are a part of the story. If online casinos can make it to the big screen is another question. VR technology does provide new possibilities to expand the genre.

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