Why Was Breeding Season Cancelled?

Soon after it was launched, Breeding Farm had emerged as one of the biggest success stories of Patreon, the platform launched in 2013 to support crowdfunding artists of all kinds, and now it also becomes one of the most notorious failures of the crowdfunding system. ‘ Breeding Season ‘, the erotic, hentai style title set in a farm with mechanics in the style of ‘ Animal Crossing ‘ was cancelled because of the major differences that had risen between the game developers. Let’s find out more about it.

Breeding Season: What happened to it?

How was Breeding Season created?

Slightly more than 11,000 users supported this particular idea, contributing monthly for the development of the title. It ended up being around $ 42,000, which now, after the cancellation of the project, remains in limbo and the project has been shelved indefinitely.

What caused Breeding Season’s cancellation?

Breeding Season’s main artist, Vladimir Sandler took part of the designs to a new project that is also available on Patreon. That might seem harmless at first, but in the larger scheme of things, this was one of the chief reasons why Breeding Season was cancelled.

The other artist responsible for the title, PipeBomb, wrote an extensive entry on the project blog and explained that, with his departure, Sandler had taken all the designs and had warned them that they could not use it in the project since, if they did, they would be faced with the filing of a lawsuit for the use of materials without rights.

According to PipeBomb, Sandler was offered a contract in which he would collect 50% of the profits from the title once the rest of the team had been paid as well as keeping all the rights to his designs, and he has done so. Sandler did not make any specific contract for the project, despite having obtained $ 90,000 from it according to PipeBomb. He has incorporated the designs into ‘ Cloud Meadow ‘, the aforementioned project. He has also threatened the aforementioned legal actions if they do not withdraw the material of the project. This has led to Breeding Season being shelved indefinitely. “This fact would throw the entire project in its current state. It forces us to start over. There is no way this project can survive the process, the game is dead, it’s the end. None of the other members want to continue after this “, PipeBomb wrote on the blog.

What has Vladimir Sandler said about Breeding Season?

For his part, Sandler assured that what he has done responds to a desire to keep alive the project for which the users had contributed their hard earned money on Patreon. He said: “Cloud Meadow was not made to steal the profits of Breeding Season, but to save what was possible from the project. The way development was going, it would never have been finished, even if the other artists and I worked every day. of the week “. He finished off by saying that none of his actions merited any kind of legal sanctions.

So if you were looking forward to playing Breeding Season, it’s probably never going to happen. You can probably try your hand at “Cloud Meadow” since it will reuse a lot of the designs that were meant for Breeding Season. 

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