Where Do FaceTime Photos Go: All You Need To Know

FaceTime is a very popular tool for making calls using Apple devices. Since its launch in 2010, Apple fans have embraced it wholeheartedly. In this post, we will take a quick look at FaceTIme and find out where FaceTime Live photos go. Let’s get started.

Where Do FaceTime Photos Go: Find Out Where To Find Them

What is Facetime

The FaceTime app consists of a telephony tool. It was developed for Apple devices, so you can use it on the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPod Touch and Mac computers since it works with iOS, Apple’s operating system.

It was launched in 2010 and continues to be the favorite of Apple lovers to this day. Of course, this is not a pure coincidence.

How does FaceTime work?

As we already told you, you can use FaceTime on your Mac, your iPhone, iPad and iPod, although of course for the application to work it is necessary to have a permanent connection to the Internet, which can be through Wi-Fi or with your data plan.

You also need to use the camera that comes with the Apple device.

An important point in its operation is that FaceTime is based on the standard of calls of the VoIP type, which allows you to have a constant flow of information and without intervals. It also integrates efficiently into the system.

Here it is important to mention that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol or Voice over Internet Protocol) technology is one of the most effective for communicating between devices over the Internet.

Precisely, FaceTime works on your Apple phone because it uses this digital standard to transmit phone calls over the Internet. And that’s why FaceTime doesn’t work if you don’t have internet.

In short, thanks to this, the calls you make on FaceTime are extremely cheap, even more so if you compare them with the value of traditional telephone call rates. 

What are some advantages of FaceTime?

  • It can operate both with WiFi networks and with 3G and 4G cellular networks.
  • It allows you to stream video that comes from both the front and rear cameras.
  • You can make calls with a resolution of 720p, that is, in high resolution.
  • Video calls retain excellent focus and image quality, thanks to the device’s built-in HD camera.
  • Synchronization between Apple devices, only with your user account.
  • Apple support is available for troubleshooting.
  • Also, in case of any inconvenience, you can ask other users through the support communities.
  • The famous FaceTime photos, which consist of live photos that you can take with Live Photos.

How do FaceTime calls work?

When you buy an Apple device, the FaceTime application is installed by default, since it is integrated into the operating system.

Therefore, so that you can start using it, that is, to activate FaceTime correctly, you only need to enter your Apple ID. After that, you can connect directly through the list of your contacts.

As for the calls you receive, because FaceTime is synchronized on your different Apple devices through your ID, the ringtone for that call will ring on all of them at the same time. The same goes for notifications.

In this way, it is impossible for you to miss a call.

Of course, for all this to be possible, you must bear in mind that you can only communicate with other people who also have FaceTime.

Therefore, the contact with whom you want to speak will have to have an Apple device with the FaceTime application installed, in its latest version or previous versions.

FaceTime Video Calls

In addition to making audio calls, in FaceTime, you can also make video calls, an option that is being increasingly used by users around the world.

As with calls, FaceTime video calls require that your contacts also have the application.

The truth is that making a video call on FaceTime will be extremely easy for you, and you can also participate and create group video calls.

While you are talking, you will be able to see the person with whom you are sharing the video call, while they will also be able to see you. This is possible thanks to the camera built into the Apple device.

FaceTime photos

Did you know that in FaceTime you can take live photos for example during video conferences?

It really sounds fun to be able to capture moments when you are in the middle of a video conference or chat.

The image you will get will be a short video clip with audio, which will be stored on the device and you can share it whenever you want.

Here’s how you can take Facetime photos:

  • Start a video call on FaceTime.
  • When FaceTime video chat is active, press the white shutter button on the camera.
  • You will see that a message will be displayed on the screen that says: “You took a FaceTime Photo”.

You can repeat this procedure as many times as you want, thanks to the features that Live Photos include. You can then share those images in any available photo app.

Where Do FaceTime Live Photos Go?

While you can take thousands of photos during your FaceTime conversation, in order to access them, you need to know where those photos go. That’s the only way you will be able to use them after the call is one. In case you didn’t know, FaceTime stores all your photos on your device’s Photos app. If you want to see your Facetime photos, you should reach the photos tab at the bottom. From there, you should select “All Photos” so that nothing is filtered out by your device. Here you will be able to find all your FaceTime photos, arranged based on date and time.

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