Warframe Best Amp For Eidolon: How To Build It

Warframe is a popular multiplayer online game. This third person shooter game is free to play and is developed and published by Digital Extremes. Warframe was launched on PC in March 2013 and ported to PlayStation 4 eight months later. A year later, Warframe became available on XBox One as well. Warframe arrived on the Nintendo Switch in November 2018, the PlayStation 5 in November 2020 and the Xbox Series X/S in April 2021. Digital Extremes is currently working towards building cross-platform play and cross-save. The game is expected to arrive on mobile devices as well. In this post, we will take a look at the different ways you can make the best amp for Eidolon. Let’s get started.

Warframe Best Amp For Eidolon: All You Need To Know

What happens in Warframe?

While playing Warframe, players control a race of ancient warriors called the Tenno. These people have awakened from centuries of suspended animation far into Earth’s future to find themselves at war in the planetary system with different factions. They use their powered warframes and a lot of other weapons to finish their missions. 

What kind of gameplay can you expect from Warframe?

Warframe has elements of melee and shooting games. ROle playing also allows players to advance their Tenno with new gear. The game presents player vs player and player vs environment challenges. While you can start playing the game for free, you will eventually have to partake in microtransactions. You can purchase in-game items using quick real money or grind for days to earn enough to buy things.

How to build amps for Eidolon in Warframe? 

In practice all amps are better than the Mote Amp, including the most basic. In practice to recover the maximum of mastery points it is necessary to have gone up to the maximum level of the amps with all the possible parts.

We will worry about the level of mastery another time. 

We will speak of “amp parts” because a complete amp is made of three parts to be built separately and then assembled at the Quills 

Each piece requires the purchase of its blueprint (plan) from the Quills beforehand, which incidentally requires having acquired a reputation with the Quills.

There are three levels for each room. In theory, an amp made with the three pieces from the last level should be the most powerful.

This is the case in terms of damage but it is frankly not necessary.

A lot of people say that 2 1 2 is good. Some people say 2 2 2 is better. Nobody seems to be sure.

How to build the amp?

Go to the Quills and assemble your amp.

All that remains is to bring it to level 30 and the amp side is ready for the moment.

With enough reputation in the Quills you can still improve it later (the process of “gilding”) and rename it but who cares for now and in itself that is not absolutely necessary to kill the Teralyst.

The sniper

Unless there is a serious nerf to the damage multipliers associated with snipers, this will always be the best way to break Teralyst limbs.

Any sniper should do. We especially need Radiation damage and a lot of multishot.

Secondary weapon

The secondary weapon is only used to shoot the decoys and possibly to shoot down a few enemies lying around the decoys.

Any weapon is fine in the end, take the best you have. If you just have a Lato with no reactor, at least give it radiation damage and you’ll be fine.

Melee weapon

Use a weapon that inflicts any amount of Impact damage (so all weapons except purely elemental weapons).

Indeed, we are going to use a mod. This mod reduces the target’s armor whenever you deal Impact damage (not Impact status). Even if your weapon has just 4 impact damage (we are looking at you Galatine Prime), the mod applies to every hit.

You will have to hit the teralyst with this weapon between 15 and 20 times to reduce his armor without removing it completely (explained below).

The idea is to use a fast weapon (note that Berserker is of no use since you cannot critically strike the Teralyst while he has his shield active) with the correct range.


The Teralyst can be dropped by any Warframe. Well, it’s a little more complicated if it’s made of cardboard, but anything is possible.

The problem is that the loot depends on the presence of decoys, which are the widgets to attack and then hack and that we have to carry around.

That’s a decoy, in real life it’s bigger

Decoys are quite boring and the sole purpose of their existence is to rot yours by crashing right in front of you during your sniper shots.

And that is even a lesser evil, the major problem with decoys is that they are not invincible.

If you’re really hot with crazy micro-management (because you can ask decoys to stay in one position), it’s possible to keep decoys alive with any Warframe. 

Yes, that unclear bullet list was really unnecessary, if you farm Relics on a regular basis you probably have 80% Oberon Prime as well. On the warframe market a set costs around 70 platinum.

By buying the pieces one-by-one like an expert trader, you can get away with 45-60 dishes easily.

A sum that is quickly obtained by selling two or three scabs lying around in your inventory. 

The main advantage of Oberon Prime over the base Oberon is the two polarities it has. If you already have a Forma-doped Oberon it should do the trick. Please note that you need a mastery level of 8 minimum for Oberon Prime.

In reality, even if your Oberon stinks of pate the Teralyst can still be solo, you just have to pay special attention to the last phases of the fight and wait in Void Mode (press Ctrl in operator mode) much more often than normal. But if you want, you can.

So that was some basic info on Warframe Amp For Eidolon. Hopefully, you found the information useful and you can use it to enjoy your gaming experience more.

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