Top Movies and Shows Featuring Erik Per Sullivan of Malcolm in the Middle

Erik Per Sullivan, better known as Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle, is now an adult but still has a large fan base. Apart from working for charity events and playing musical instruments, he was a child artist when he rose to fame. Erik’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, despite his disappearance from the film industry. Erik began acting at the age of five and continued to do so until he completed high school. He finished his black belt education in Taekwondo after taking a long break from acting after his show Malcolm in the Middle. Read below to know more about Erik per Sullivan and his top movies and television shows featured in the 2000s.

About Erik Per Sullivan

Erik Per Sullivan was born on July 12, 1991, in Worcester, Massachusetts. His mother, Ann Sullivan, was Swedish, and his father, Fred Sullivan, was Irish. Erik began his education at Mount Saint Charles Academy and later transferred to Philips Exeter Academy. Erik can speak Swedish and English fluently thanks to his mother’s Swedish ancestry. He seems to have no siblings, but he travels to Sweden frequently.

Erik’s first attributed involvement, or, to put it another way, the first show in which he acquired a lot of followers, was Malcolm in the Middle, where he got to play Dewey, a young boy. Erik had won accolades and awards for his performance in that role. Erik can also play the saxophone and piano, among other instruments. He went to KD College to learn how to act. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. In addition to doing charity work for Heifer International, Erik has helped Jane Kaczmarek finish her book Together.

Erik Per Sullivan’s top movies and television shows


Erik made his acting debut in the science fiction film Armageddon in 1998, though most of his fans recognize him as Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle. NASA deployed a team of deep-core drillers to prevent an asteroid from colliding with the planet. In the movie, Erik Per Sullivan is seen with a rocket ship for a very short period of time.

The Cider House Rules

The Cider House Rules, which was premiered in 1999, was based on an American writer named John Irving’s novel of the same moniker, which was published in 1985. The plot follows a young boy named Homer Wells who is bought up under the guidance of Dr Wilbur Larch, an abortionist, in the pre-and post-World War II era. The film follows Homer from the time he was a child at the Larch’s orphanage in Maine until he leaves and needs to enter the real world.

Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle, created by Linwood Boomer for Fox television, is amongst the most well-known television shows and the one that made Erik er Sullivan famous. The show premiered in January 2000 and ran for 151 episodes before ending in May 2006. The narrative is about a crazy family, and Frankie Muniz plays Malcolm, the lead actor. He is a teen who is a genius at his level, and while he enjoys his intelligence, other students at school mock him, calling him a nerd and cumbersome. Erik plays Dewey, Malcolm’s younger brother, who is smart, talented, and concerned about his well-being in the show.


Larry Fessenden wrote and directed the psychic horror film Wendigo in 2001. The film stars Patricia Clarkson and Jake Weber and tells the storey of a photographer named George and his kin who are haunted by dark forces in a house. They were in New York for their weekend gatherings but were accosted by a local hunter after hitting a deer on the way there. Erik per Sullivan portrays George’s son Miles, who suffers from hallucinations and thinks he is the catalyst for the arrival of dark forces.

Arthur and the Invisibles

Arthur and the Invisibles, further known as Arthur and the Minimoys, the French version being Arthur et Les Minimoy is a 2006 Minimoons fantasy animated action film that was released in both English and French. The film was co-written and directed by Luc Besson, a French filmmaker while Erik does the voiceover.

Finding Nemo

Aside from Mino in Arthur of the Invisibles, he voiced a seahorse in Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo is a film about a clownfish who goes on a difficult journey with Dory to rescue his son Nemo from the grasp of underwater sea divers.


After starring on the show as Dewey from 2000 to 2006, Erik Per Sullivan acted in many films that were successful at the box office, including his role as Timmy in the 2010 film Twelve. The story is based on a high school dropout who becomes an illicit drug dealer. Regrettably, when his cousin is brutally murdered and his best friend is imprisoned for the crime, he is shocked and his life is forever changed.

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