The Taboos That Emerge in Quarantine

There are many feelings that COVID-19 and quarantine have brought to the surface. Fear, uncertainty, sadness, anxiety and so on. All this influences the mood and therefore the motivation to relate. 

At first it seems like an ideal situation… Social distancing and confinement means spending more time at home, being able to rest, take care of themselves and watch all the movies and series that are desired. But nothing is further from reality. This situation is holding up too long and the effects are already beginning to be felt.

What used to be little details now become mountains. An extra effort for anything while fantasizing about the previous normality and what will be done when it’s over. A time in which each one is forced to coexist more with himself and with the closest people, knowing and discovering, in most occasions, other faces. 

Couples, families, friends…are forced to pass a kind of “test”. What is the best way to maintain and strengthen relationships now that emotions are at their best? How much contact does it have to be? How to show love and affection without being able to see them?

Many are the questions and few are the answers. And sometimes, that is one’s worst enemy: thinking too much. In the oldest profession in the world, the beautiful escorts in Preston know this very well. One of the things that clients value most in forums is not so much physical, but their ability to talk about anything. An erotic encounter and a good chat without taboos to vent and be able to tell them every little thing.

But what are the most difficult topics to discuss during confinement?

A clear example is emotions. In many cases, even the person does not know how to clearly identify what they feel, so cannot express it either. It may be anger because the message that was expected has not been received, sadness because they would like to be with that special person, anxiety about not being able to leave home, guilt for not taking advantage of as much as they could to quarantine and be more productive, among others. 

Feelings can be very varied and intense. On the other hand, it’s also a time when people think a lot about what to do. In their work field, in what they study, the friends they have, the family and even in the exotic escorts in Toowoomba

To resume, in the life they lead and if it is really the one they want, if all the objectives are being fulfilled and if they are really happy. Big questions whose answers can sometimes not be handled. 

In addition, all of this may vary depending on who people live with during this period. For example, if someone wants to buy a sex toy and bring it home but lives with the family and doesn’t want them to know. Another case may be, living alone and missing the couple, especially physical relationships. Or even if people live together but desire and attraction are no longer the same with their partner.

How to fix it?

Fear of what others may think and even self shame is often an obstacle, people start to wonder what’s better, whether to keep everything they think to themselves or talk to the other person, that’s the point. 

Although in these cases, the education received and the society and culture where people were raised play an important role, moving away from the established as normal or what should be, can be disconcerting. That applies in everyday actions, but especially in everything that has to do with sexuality. Mainly because it is already a taboo subject in a natural way and on which most have scarce information.

Considering the couple’s own sexual fantasies, contacting an escort in Christchurch to have fun or reflecting on the desire for sex, are just some of the concerns that arise. 

That is why, what is recommended is not to think too much and especially avoid feeling guilty of some feeling or desire. It is completely natural and as such, should be dealt with by the person concerned. In advance, asking for advice from a friend or even someone more professional and expert in these cases, could be a good option.

So, it’s recommended to find a space, prepare the necessary environment and talk about it. Take all the weight off and let it go. Who knows, maybe the other person thinks the same or knows it, understands well and helps to solve it. Even, the person who hears, can rejoice and reward trust and sincerity with a happy and satisfying ending for all parties.

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