The Five Biggest Gaming Technology Trends In 2022

The gaming industry is frequently regarded as the place where the latest tech innovations are being unveiled. This is especially genuine with the various trends that are currently affecting our lives, such as VR and artificial intelligence.

Today, games are more immersive than they were when we played them. Owing to the advancements in networking technology, they are now used to contact 1000s of players in real-time who are also able to play PlayAmo’s real money slots.

Cloud gaming

Since the beginning of gaming, players have had to constantly modernize their hardware to keep up with the latest updates.

Most gaming companies now offer a cloud-based subscription model, which eliminates the need to regularly  modernize their hardware.

The future of gaming will be in the cloud as games are distributed through a data center. With the rise of 5G networks, gaming will be more available to more humans.

Virtual Reality

Before VR became mainstream, gamers were wholly invested in this technology. Several of the most prominent franchises such as Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto were already released.

In 2022, the cost of VR headsets is expected to become even cheaper.

Aside from being more affordable, standalone VR headsets are also expected to deliver better immersive experiences. In 2022, it is also expected that Apple will launch a standalone VR device.

The Metaverse

While Facebook and Microsoft are working on constant virtual worlds, gamers will still be opt to playing in virtual worlds. In 2022, games will become more flexible and cater to different user experiences.

Through constant virtual worlds, games will be able to create more personalized and engaging experiences for players.

NFTs and blockchain

In 2022, many game developers are anticipated to implement non-fungible signs in their games.

Despite the hype surrounding NFTs, many gamers are still not excited about them. Nevertheless, with the increasing number of game publishers pushing for their adoption, it is expected that they will become a thing of the Past.

Another trend that is anticipated to become mainstream is the emergence of play-to-pay games. An example is Axie Infinity, a platform that enables players to earn cryptocurrency through daily play.


Video games are also anticipated to incorporate various types of pro sports.

Owing to the popularity of esports, it is expected that the revenue generated by this way of amusement will reach over $2 billion in 2022. Professional gamers will also become more prominent.

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