The Best Ethernet Cables to Buy in 2021

In case you need an ethernet cable for various reasons, we invite you to consider the following list of the best ethernet cables with some alternatives so that you can know them in-depth, as well as their type and capacity. This will help you determine which one is best for you. Let’s get started. 

Here Are the Best Ethernet Cables for You

What is an Ethernet Cable?

An Ethernet cable connects your electronic device of choice (laptop, tablet, phone, game console etc.) to a network. This allows you to access the internet with those devices and use the shared network resources. Ethernet cables also tend to provide more consistent connectivity than Wifi signals. 

Best Ethernet Cables in 2021

Ugreen Cat 7 Network Cable Ethernet Network LAN Cable

Ugreen is a trusted and well-known brand in the electronics market and makes some of the best ethernet cables out there. This particular model comes in 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 metre versions. so you can acquire the one that best meets your requirements.

On the other hand, being a Category 7 Ethernet cable, it is black so as not to attract attention, as well as having a flat construction, being suitable for discreet installations.

It has built-in RJ45 connectors so you don’t have to worry about installing it yourself or taking it to a technician. In addition, it is robustly built with good quality materials and a PVC outer shell to prevent noise and electromagnetic interference from other equipment. This guarantees a stable browsing and download speed at all times as long as your modem works normally.


  • Speed: Being a Category 7 model, this cable can transmit a maximum of 10,000 Mbps from your modem to your computer.
  • Design: Its design is modern and slim, since it is only 2.1 millimetres thick, allowing you to organize it discreetly.
  • Connectors: Its connectors are golden and have a rubber protector to protect the plastic.
  • PVC: PVC sheathing is useful both for using the cable outdoors and for improving signal strength.


  • Tab: You must be careful when handling the cable to avoid getting the rubber protectors under the plastic tabs.

Primewire 20m Network Cable Gigabit Ethernet Cat 7 10000 Mbit/s

Our best ethernet cables list features the Primewire 20m Network Cable Gigabit Ethernet Cat 7 10000 Mbit/s. This ethernet cable is suitable for linking devices together, as well as transmitting all kinds of information for the connection between computers and peripherals or modems and routers.

It is a 20 metre Category 7 model with shielding for the copper wires, thus offering interference-free performance. In addition, it works with a frequency of 600 MHz at a maximum distance of 100 metres.

On the other hand, with this 20-metre Ethernet cable it already has the RJ45 connectors previously installed on each of its ends, so that you only have to accommodate it in your home and connect the equipment you need. Its insulation is halogen-free for better performance.

In addition, its category will allow you to use it for home consumption without problems thanks to the capacity of the cable and the maximum length it can reach without losing transfer speed. 


  • Protection: This model offers shielding protection for each pair of copper wire, avoiding interference in general.
  • Connector: The RJ45 connector is made of resistant plastic and its sealing is carefully made.
  • Connector base: The component has a rubber base that will prevent the cable from bending at that point so as not to break the wires.
  • Capacity: Since it can work with networks of up to 10,000 Mbps, this cable will be more than enough for a domestic connection.


  • Length: The cable may not have the exact length, so it is advisable to buy a few extra metres if you have doubts about the size you need.

AmazonBasics Cat6 Ethernet Cable

So that you do not have problems when organizing your home network, you can use products like this ethernet cable from AmazonBasics. This bundle consists of five Category 6 cables, with a bandwidth of up to 250 Mhz and a transfer speed of up to 10 GB/s. You can take advantage of the potential of the fastest connections of the moment. 

The cables come fully assembled, with an anti-snag design in the connector that prevents damage to this area when connecting or disconnecting it. On the other hand, the exterior of the cables has flexible PVC protectors, which facilitate their installation while avoiding the deterioration of the inside of the cable. 


  • Category: Cables are Category 6, offering performance conforming to that standard.
  • Speed: With these cables you can achieve transfers of up to 10 GB/s, with low signal loss.
  • Bundle: This bundle includes five cables, so it is the ideal solution if you have a lot of equipment to connect.
  • Connectors: The connectors are designed not to deteriorate with use or normal connections and disconnections.
  • Shielding: PVC shielding protects the inner core of the cable safely.


  • Thickness: The cable is somewhat thick, which can make its installation a bit complex. 

NanoCable 10.20.0115 Ethernet Network Cable RJ45 Cat.5e UTP

The next entry on the list of the best ethernet cables is NanoCable’s 15 metre long model with UTP shielding for the copper wires, which are protected by an aluminum cover to avoid interference.

Also, with this 15-metre ethernet cable you can create connections for domestic use due to its Category 5 that makes it suitable for use in LAN networks using a frequency of 100 MHz.

For some buyers, it could be the best Ethernet cable, since the RJ45 connectors come pre-prepared and installed, which is why you will only have to unroll the cable and plug it into the corresponding ports on your devices to link them together.

Regarding its design, this model is gray and the connectors are made of transparent plastic. These, in turn, have a safety hose that will keep the connector in place in case the cable is stretched.


  • Design: The NanoCable cable is simple, discreet and easy to handle thanks to its length and coating.
  • Connectors: The connectors of this model are made of plastic and include the safety hose.
  • Length: It is 15 metres long, which is usually enough to connect the computer to the modem from one room to another.
  • Shielding: It has UTP shielding for the copper wires, minimizing electromagnetic interference.


  • Sheathing: The cable is a bit soft, which could give the feeling of brittleness But with the proper care in its handling you should not have problems.

IBRA 10M Gigabit Ethernet LAN CAT.7 RJ45 network cable

If you need to buy a good 10 metre long ethernet cable, you may be interested in this model from the IBRA brand. Definitely one of the best ethernet cables out there, this is a Category 7 model for frequencies of 600 MHz and transfer of 10,000 Mbps which will not be affected by interference due to shielding.

Likewise, it is noted that the RJ45 connectors are gold-plated, so they are better conductors of electricity to offer you the maximum speed that your internet operator can offer.

On the other hand, being one of the cheapest, this model could also be the best value for money ethernet cable, since it has twisted pairs of wires and additional shielding to protect them.

Regarding its length, the IBRA model can be purchased in different versions depending on the availability of the seller, but you can find options of 4, 5, 10, 30, 40 and 50 metres so that you can choose the one that best suits the space where you want to install it.


  • Category: IBRA cable is Category 7 so you don’t have to worry about loss of speed or internet transfer data.
  • Connectors: RJ45 connectors feature gold plating to ensure a more stable connection.
  • Shielded: The Ethernet cable is shielded for the copper wires, which will extend its useful life and improve its performance.
  • Rubber: Each connector has a rubber protector that will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the safety tab.


  • Flat: Don’t overlook that its construction is flat, which could be a disadvantage for some installations. 

MutecPower Cable 50m Cat5E Ethernet Network Cable

This MutecPower alternative could be attractive for buyers who need to make wide coverage connections, since this model has a total length of 50 metres, being the longest on the list of the best ethernet cables.

The cable is Category 5, being suitable for use in home networks that do not exceed 1,000 Mbps, but since this is practically the maximum speed offered by current operators, it does not affect its performance.

It is also highlighted that the construction of the product, as well as the materials used in its manufacture since they will allow you to place it outdoors without fear that it can be damaged by being exposed since it is waterproof.

This makes it a good option if you require a 50 metre Ethernet cable, but if you need more or less length for your cable, the manufacturer offers several alternatives to meet your needs in terms of installation and space. 


  • Length: It is the longest ethernet cable on the list with a length that reaches 50 metres.
  • Materials: It is made of materials resistant to the elements, so it is waterproof and will not be damaged in the sun or rain.
  • Sheathing: The sheathing is anti tangle to prevent the cable from bending at some point.
  • Plating: The connectors are gold plated, offering greater stability and connection speed.


  • Rigidity: The cable is quite rigid and it is difficult to position it without using cable ties or some type of fastener.

Mr. Tronic 30m Ethernet Network Cable 

With a length of 30 metres and available in white, this Mr. Tronic model is positioned as one of the best ethernet cables on the market, because it has RJ45 connectors on both sides.

This allows immediate and universal use in computers, router servers, in local LAN networks and other devices that require this cable, such as PS4 and Xbox video game consoles, as well as printers and switches. 

In addition, this model is slim, at around 51mm in diametre, so it can be installed in tight spaces without creating complications and, being so thin, it allows for ventilation. Also, it has been designed by its manufacturer to minimize interference, making it convenient to receive a strong signal without grounding. On the other hand, its installation is simple and it is recommended to be used both at home and in offices.


  • Design: It has a practical, lightweight and slim design that can be placed even in tight spaces.
  • Compatibility: Its compatibility is universal, since its RJ45 connectors are used for computers, consoles, printers and more.
  • Construction: It has a solid and resistant construction, with a copper clad aluminum design.
  • Installation: Its installation is simple and suitable for both home and office. 


  • Connection: The cable may not support Internet connections greater than 100 megabytes, which would limit its operation. 

Veetop Cat 8 RJ45 SFTP Ethernet LAN Cable

If you are looking for a particularly powerful ethernet cable, this is good for you. This Ethernet cable is Category 8, so it has two pairs of conductors at 2 GHz frequencies. This allows it to provide several times the bandwidth that other models offer.

Specifically, with this cable you could make connections that have a bandwidth of up to 40,000 Mbps. In addition, its manufacture has immunity to noise and interference, so that nothing can affect your internet speed.

Regarding the connectors, those of this model are installed on both ends and have a torsion-proof neck, as well as a rubber protector for the safety hose, preventing it from breaking so that you can enjoy your purchase for a long time. In addition, the connectors are gold-plated in order to improve the connection between both teams.


  • Category: It is a Category 8 cable, so it could be considered as the most powerful alternative among those mentioned.
  • Shielding: It has a special shielding that is responsible for keeping any interference in the transfer out of the threads.
  • Connectors: The connectors are gold-plated to increase connection stability.
  • Coating: It has a PVC coating that makes it resistant and durable, as well as waterproof.


  • Length: Consider that due to the novelty of this type of network cabling for home use, its length is much more limited compared to others.

Primewire 5m Network Cable Cat.7 Flat Ethernet Cable

A good option if you don’t need a lot of wiring to do your installation, and you don’t know which is the best Ethernet cable, Primewire’s is a modest alternative for those who need to connect nearby devices.

In addition to this, Primewire’s 5 metre Ethernet cable can be used for LAN networks, since it is Category 7 and can work with speeds of up to 10,000 Mbps, more than enough for home use.

Its version is 5 metres long, but in case you need more or less cable, you can purchase it in other lengths depending on its availability. This will make it easier for you to install it at home.

Finally, another noteworthy aspect is that it is an RJ45 Ethernet cable, so its connector, in combination with its category, will be a point in favor of compatibility between equipment so that you can link them together.


  • Category: This Primewire model is Category 7, offering capacity for 10,000 Mbps at 600 MHz frequency.
  • Connectors: Its RJ45 connectors have protection at the tip both for them and for the copper wires.
  • Flat: The cable has a flat design that will help you hide it under the desk or along the edge of the wall.
  • Compatibility: It can be installed on various electronic equipment, such as tablets, computers, consoles and more.


  • Protector: The rubber protector on the connector may sometimes make it difficult to remove the cable from a device.

So those were the best ethernet cables for you to buy in 2021. Hopefully, you will be able to find the right cable to meet your requirements from this list.

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