PS5 Console: How Good Is The Latest Iteration of The Legendary Sony PlayStation?

The PlayStation 5 (popularly known as PS5) is the latest version of the popular Sony PlayStation gaming console. With the PS5, Sony plans to conquer the next generation of gaming consoles and compete against the Xbox Series X. In this post, we will talk more about the PS5. Let’s get started.

PS5 Console: All You Need to Know

How is the design of the PS5 console?

The PS5’s design appears tailor-made to ensure the machine survives the heat generated by its power. With removable walls to better clean the internal dirt or access the hard disk change.

In most cases, the issue with the optical drive, the dimensions of the PS5 reach 39 x 10.4 x 26 cm, 39 x 9.2 staying in x 26 cm in the case of digital editing dimensions. Both have an HDMI port, Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6, three USB-A ports and one USB-C.

The 825 GB of storage on the SSD will have to be subtracted from the operating system and the weight of the Astro’s Playroom game that comes pre-installed on the console, so the size of the disk is something to take into account when choosing between one version and another.

Beyond the components that assemble its guts, since the announcement of the Sony console, it has wanted to highlight several key improvements that the new generation of PS5 will implement and that we did not enjoy on PS4.

In the first place is ray tracing, Nvidia’s technology that has already been revolutionizing lighting and reflections in the PC world for a good season and now promises to bring more realism to the Sony machine as well.

With that same idea in mind, that of trying to get the game to go beyond the screen to reach the user, one of the innovations most promoted by the company has been the implementation of 3D sound. The idea is that the audio improves in the same way that the graphics have done so far, thus allowing a more immersive experience.

What are the different PS5 models available for purchase?

The PS5 console will be launched in two versions, the digital one and the other with a disc reader, which otherwise will maintain identical storage configurations with an 825 GB SSD disk.

What is the price of the PS5 console?

The new PS5 is available in two versions, one with a Blu-ray player available for 499.99 euros, and a digital edition without a disc reader for 399.99 euros. This is the initial price of the introductory versions with new packs and promotions expected to be launched in the future.

Which are the games being released on the PS5 console?

Here are all the confirmed PS5 games for the PS5 along with their release dates:

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (November 19)
  • Astro’s Playroom (November 19)
  • Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War (November 19)
  • Cyberpunk 2077 (November 19)
  • Demon’s Souls (November 19)
  • Destruction All Stars  (November 19)
  • DiRT 5 (November 10)
  • FIFA 21 (November 19)
  • Fortnite (November 19)
  • Godfall (November 19)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (November 19)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition (November 19)
  • NBA 2K21 (November 19)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (November 19)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition (November 19)
  • Watch Dogs: Legion (November 19)
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon (November 19)

Some of them, like DiRT 5 and Watch Dogs: Legion, were released earlier on current PC and consoles but were available for the PS5 from day one. To all this we must add the backward compatible catalog that includes most PS4 games. We explain it in more detail below.

It has also been revealed that most PS4 games will be playable on PS5, but some might show bugs or strange behavior when played from the new console.

Several companies have assured that they are working to update the games and that they can also be enjoyed on PS5, but for now these are the games that will not be backward compatible.

  • Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume 1
  • DWVR
  • Hitman GO: Definitive Edition
  • Just Deal With It!
  • Joe’s Diner
  • Robinson: The Journey
  • Shadow Complex Remastered
  • Shadwen
  • TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2
  • We sing

To use the physical PS4 games, just insert the disc into the PS5 and play, there is nothing else, while the PS4 games that you already have in digital format can be transferred to the PS5 in two ways :

  • By WiFi. Both whole games and saved games can be transferred. It is rare that they do not comment on the possibility of downloading saved games from PS Plus.
  • Using an external storage device. If you have a hard drive with PS4 games, for example, you can connect it to the PS5 and access them to play normally.

On the other hand, to install on PS5 a PS4 game that you have in digital format and that you do not want to transfer using the other methods (or you do not have it installed, simply acquired), it will be enough to access the game library, select it and give it to the Download option.

What are the new kinds of controllers on the PS5?

The mythical DualShock passes away and gives way to the arrival of the DualSense, a new controller for PS5 that will have juicy new features beyond its redesign. That will also affect the price, of course, which happens to cost 69.99 euros.

The new DualSense adds to the usual features such as an integrated microphone, haptic vibration and adaptive triggers. The sum of the last two will be key to taking the gaming experience to a new level, for example simulating the differences between driving on grass or asphalt and modifying the pressure required when firing a weapon if, for example, we are drawing a bow.

With the intention of continuing to support PlayStation VR support, Sony has renewed its camera with 1080p dual lenses and background removal tools with the intention that you can take advantage of it for your broadcasts.

In addition, the range of PlayStation headphones grew with the arrival of the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, wireless headphones adapted to exploit the possibilities of 3D audio of the new console.

Along with the console and the controls, a series of peripherals destined to occupy those ports will be put on sale. These are some of the accessories available with the PS5 console:

  • Pulse 3D wireless headphones
  • HD camera
  • Remote control
  • Charging station for two DualSense

When was the PS5 console released?

Sony launched the PS5 console with much fanfare on November 12th, 2020. It was released in all other major international markets in due course of time.

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