Pit Of Heresy: A Quick Guide to Navigating the New Power Level in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Fans of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep now have the opportunity to enter and conquer a new dungeon, called the Pit of Heresy. The dungeon is available on the Moon in the Necropolis. Pit of Heresy is the next level dungeon after The Shattered Throne in the Forsaken expansion. This is quite a dangerous and difficult level so you should only try it after you reach level 940 at least. Now, if you haven’t reached level 940 yet, we recommend you do that before reading any further. If you have reached level 940, this post will guide you through the perilous domain of the Pit of Heresy.  We will discuss how you can participate in this challenge and how to defeat the four encounters with the disciples. Let’s get started.

Pit of Heresy: How to Play

How to get started with the Pit of Heresy in Destiny 2?

To enter the dungeon, you must first complete the quest “Deepest Wake” for Eris Morn on the Moon. This is what you must do to complete this quest: 

  • Head over to Sorrow’s Harbor
  • Withstand and defeat five waves of Nightmares
  • Kill the final boss
  • Open a Level 3+ Chest at the Altars of Sorrow 

Once you get it, you should give it to Eris Morn. Upon receiving the reward, Eris Morn will tell you about the Pit of Heresy’s location. Once that’s done, it will appear on your map in Sorrow’s Harbor. Once you enter the dungeon, you will need to tackle the three disciples using a special kind of sword. Every single stage of the dungeon is protected by three seals. You’ve probably already guessed that to move on to the next segment, you need to break those seals by killing the disciples. 

Pit of Heresy: First Stage

As you enter, look for a giant symbol floating in the air, which is your entry point to the first area of ​​the dungeon. Your first real encounter with the enemy is the Pit Keeper. When he is defeated, a door will open with three symbols signifying the three disciples he needs to defeat. These three enemies are Wizard, Shrieker, and Knight. However, before attempting to kill these enemies below each of the symbols, you must first kill the Cursed Swordbearer. He is the one who holds the special sword, which is required to kill the disciples.

When you have the sword, remember the three symbols in the area you have unlocked, then look for the three symbols outside. Find the three symbols that you have unlocked and enter those areas to fight each of the disciples. 

How to kill the disciples?

Use these attacks against the disciples to defeat them: 

  • The Knights can be easily killed using a supercharged attack.
  • The Mage should be killed using the strong attack of the sword.
  • The Shrieker, on the other hand, can be killed using blocking, which will deflect their own projectiles towards them.

When all three enemies are dead, you will see a giant beam of green light in the center of the well. Jump into the arena and kill another Pit Keeper. 

Pit of Heresy: Second Stage

The path to the next segment of the dungeon will now be open. There, you will see a row of doors across the bridge. But you need to jump down and follow the tunnel under the bridge. This area can be easily completed by three players as each tunnel leads to one of the three Heretic Knights dropping Void Orbs. Three of them will unlock the next area. You can do this in solo mode, but it will take longer. When you have all three orbs, deliver them to the end of each tunnel and place the orbs under the symbols. After destroying all three symbols, you will unlock the next area. 

Pit of Heresy: Third Stage

In this stage, you need to do something similar to the last section: defeat Heretic Knights who drop Void Orbs. But this time, you need six to unlock the next and final stage. At the same time, you need to stand on the altar in the center of the stage to prevent it from exploding. You can only stand there and kill the Heretic Knights, who will try to attack you from different sides, although having more players makes it easier. Drop the orb under any of the six symbols as soon as you get one. Otherwise, the Curse of Suffering will kill you, stacking up more and more the longer it takes you to set up the orbs. When all six symbols are destroyed, the entrance to the final stage is unlocked. 

Pit of Heresy: Final Stage

The last stage is very similar to the first. You need to fight three elite Sorcerers below each of the three symbols. This time out, you won’t need a special sword though, you can kill them with any favourite weapon of yours. In the end, you will fight the final boss: Zulmak, the instrument of torment. At the beginning of the battle, you cannot do any damage to him, so you must first defeat the three disciples from the first area that are on the platforms around the central arena. They can be killed with the special sword, which, once again, you must acquire from the Cursed Swordbearer. As you kill each of the three disciples, they will drop Void Orbs, which you must place in the hives around the central arena. After installing all three orbs, the arena will turn bright green, which means you can start dealing damage to Zulmak. But you must be quick, or the green light will disappear and Zulmak will restore his immunity. Then you will have to start this stage from the beginning.

So that was our guide to help you navigate the perilous domain of the Pit of Heresy in Destiny 2. If you are level 940 and above in the game, it’s time for you to descend into the Pit of Heresy and conquer it. It is your destiny, too.

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