Bloodborne PC: All You Need to Know

Bloodborne tells the story of a night in the city ​​of Yharnam: a night of hunting. Everything indicates that something is very wrong in this city, a mysterious disease that takes hold of its people and turns them into beasts. And the beasts are hunted. On this night the good people barricade themselves in their houses and pray while characters known as hunters prowl the streets, annihilating beasts, lightening the burden of the city’s inhabitants. This game became immensely popular after being launched on PS4. Because of the immense popularity, a lot of Bloodborne fans have been demanding the game to be released on other platforms like PC and PS5. In this post, we will take a look at the legend that is Bloodborne and if people should expect the game to come out on PC. Let’s get started.

Bloodborne PC: When is it coming out?

What is the story of Bloodborne?

Continuing from what we discussed in the intro, as we immerse ourselves in the streets and buildings of Yharnam, we begin to realize that there is something dark that is intrinsic to the city, and not just in any given night. Pessimism can be breathed in the air. 

How is Yharnam: The backdrop of Bloodborne

Yharnam is a city of black stone, without any lights, in which coffins are piled up in the streets next to abandoned baby carriages. The cobblestones are black, the trees have charred trunks and their leaves lack color. All the gates end in a suitable barb, the ivy that grows on the walls are also black and all the sculptures that we are going to see are of gargoyles, monsters and human figures in penitent positions, with their faces bandaged, begging for their miseries to end. Even when the night in Bloodborne is still not night, but sunset, those usual touches of orange colors only lengthen the shadows.

How are the characters of Bloodborne?

The same can be applied to the characters we talk to throughout this adventure. While madness takes hold of some inhabitants and brings out their murderous instincts, they light bonfires in the streets and burn crucified compatriots. Like wicker men, there are people who throw parties in their houses and laugh at those who stay outside. There are some who smell strange odors in the protagonists that identify them as foreigners and kick them out of their doors. In Bloodborne everyone knows that there is something terribly wrong with Yharnam, but they turn their backs on it and wait for someone else to fix the problem.

Who is the protagonist of Bloodborne?

The chief protagonist of Bloodborne is The Hunter. Bloodborne’s trailers and concept art depict the Hunter as a male character wearing a black tricorn, a gray duster coat, a pair of brown leather boots, a pair of black gauntlets with golden ornaments and a reddish bandanna covering his face (known as the Hunter Set). The weapons that he wields are a Saw Cleaver and a Hunter Blunderbuss. As he walked the streets of this depressing city, he could not do anything but remember Nadsokor, the City of Beggars, invented by Michael Moorcock for the Elric saga of Melniboné. 

What is Nadsokor?

In the city of Nadsokor, the crippled are exalted and deformity is worshiped. Its inhabitants are all beggars, beggars, selfish and miserable people who only seek their own benefit at the expense of the evil of others. There is not a single silver lining of goodness or redemption in that place. In Bloodborne we do find a candid and good soul, but in the end it is even more implacable, as we see how that innocence is uprooted. Worst of all is that we are supposed to be there to save that city, but at no time do they give us a single reason to do so other than “because it is what we play. We have no past and it is not that the story is too clear, very much in the vein of From Software, who prefers not to go into details since most of the characters that we meet and that modify the world are optional. In fact, we can move forward without establishing any kind of relationship with the characters that we meet along the way. The initial concept is barely developed as Bloodborne does not know what the player is going to do. With this foggy and depressing scenery, most gamers will be left wondering if they should actually make an effort to save such a depressing cesspool.

Why does Yharnam deserve to be saved?

A city full of terrified people deserves to be saved, but it is that From Software it seems that in Bloodborne it has lost perspective and is only interested in showing dark, gloomy and bloody things and in obsessing that the player revolts restlessly in his chair. 

How is the gameplay of Bloodborne?

After a few hours of play, you even start to get bored with some of the things you see on the screen. When the first dungeons are unlocked, places that have nothing to do (apparently) with Yharnam, it would seem that you could change the scenarios, but it is still the same dog with another collar. In a game so obsessed with everything having a hidden meaning, these places, which can be repeated and taken in various forms and which are intended to play cooperative and competitive games, seem out of place. A disjointed addition but that looks and feels exactly just like the rest of the game. Not even when the players’ journey takes them to other places (often quite randomly and without knowing why) the tone changes. Sometimes, players will even end up in one of the optional sections of the game, facing one of the many non-mandatory bosses and thus obtaining rewards such as the use of runes and Chalice Dungeons

Is Bloodborne very difficult to play?

Bloodborne does not fully empathize with the player and this is because it takes too many things for granted. Assume that you have played Dark Souls or Demon Souls, that you know that you have to go back again and again to the sites to see what has changed and what new dialogues are available. You must understand that the stages are very small and that they are full of corridors and nooks full of secrets, sometimes in seemingly inaccessible places that invite you to walk through the areas from top to bottom. You must also understand the weapon improvement system, the leveling up, the dynamics of the Blood Echoes (which by the way, can be recovered if they kill us, we correct the error of the impressions, since then we did not see it), and even then you already know the controls. Bloodborne is the sequel to the Souls saga, only under a different name, and it doesn’t bother trying to bond with the player because it assumes these already exist. Of course, this should not take players by surprise, since according to Miyazaki himself, the mirror in which they have looked has been Demon’s Souls.

How is the design of Bloodborne?

Yes, From Software knows how to create disturbing atmospheres. The game has an excellent set design, full of secret sand that they write on themselves. They have the ability to create suggestive worlds that invite exploration and create genuine sensations of terror. However, with Bloodborne, From Software hasn’t managed to get that excellent design going hand in hand with the rhythm. It doesn’t bother to explain anything because it assumes you already know how everything is going. It’s okay to discover things, to push the player to experiment, but the problem is that in Bloodborne you are too lonely. It forces you to do things in a certain way, but does not tell you and constantly makes the players doubt their decisions, whether in deciding whether to send some survivors to a gloomy chapel or a hellish clinic or something as basic as the level ups. It is possible that this feeling of helplessness is sought after, but it is still unique. Some will like it more and others less, but the reality is that in Bloodborne, the players are, again, alone against death.

It would almost seem that Bloodborne knows that you are not going to get it right the first time, but is confident that you will play it several times until you get the hang of it and play the perfect game. However, it penalizes you for mistakes since it does not allow you to retrace your steps and take up some decisions. On the one hand, it invites you to try things, but on the other it punishes you if you do it wrong and does not let you correct the mistake except by starting over from the beginning. With this, you can put trial and error aside and enjoy a much more sincere and real experience. If you are wrong, you have to bear the consequences of it.

Is Bloodborne coming out on PC?

New rumors assure that Bloodborne, the exclusive Playstation 4 title developed by From Software and JapanStudio, will have its remastered version in the near future and will be available for both PC users and owners of a Playstation 5 (PS5).

The first signs came after the Amazon site briefly showed the game available for PC. All traces of the leak were quickly eliminated and Sony denied that the project is in development. However, different sources continued to share information in this regard and anticipated that the Playstation 5 event to be held on Thursday, June 11th, will be the framework for the official announcement.

The new version will feature 4K graphics and run at 60 frames per second. According to different media, it will be in charge of the BluePoint Games studio, which previously made the versions of Shadow of the Colossus, Gravity Rush and the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and QLOC, responsible for Dark Souls Remastered. Although you have to wait for the official announcement to confirm it, it is believed that the PC version will arrive on the Steam store.

From Software knew how to expand its audience more and more with each new video game. After Demon Souls, the Dark Souls saga became a little more accessible to more players and three installments were released, each and every one with a good reception from the audience. Bloodborne moved a bit from that universe of characters and themes, but it captivated both the fans who followed the study and those who had not experienced the difficulty levels that they usually propose. Beyond sharing the bases in some aspects, it is a different game from Souls and it was very well received despite betting only on the Playstation public.

Will Bloodborne PC be the first Playstation exclusive game to be ported to PC?

If the new version is confirmed, it would not be the first time that Playstation has decided to bring one of its exclusive titles to the PC public. Despite being part of the development of Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s game will arrive on PC in July. However, the most prominent case is that of Horizon: Zero Dawn. The video game made by Guerrilla Games will also officially hit PC this year, as revealed a few months ago. Horizon is expected to be available on PC through the Epic Games Store and Steam and it will be advanced in terms of graphics, taking advantage of the greater capacity of high-end PCs and technologies that have not yet reached the world of consoles, such as ray tracing.

These measures taken by Sony seem to be more than a trend and, for now, include games with a few years on the market. Although the announcements did not fall very well with some users of the Sony console, they require a new opportunity to reactivate these titles in the market. At the moment, it is unknown if there are plans for other franchises, such as Uncharted or Days Gone.

While the official announcement of Bloodborne Remastered is yet to be made, it is also possible that it has other types of news from the next From Software title, Elden Ring. The new production once again has Hidetaka Miyazaki behind and incorporates George RR Martin, creator of Game of Thrones, to tell an epic story. The game was announced at E3 2019 and was expected to be a part of other events since then, but no official gameplay footage has been seen yet. Playstation plans an event of about an hour, so more news of the style is not ruled out. Bloodborne PC will probably be out for all gaming laptop owners soon.

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