Best Shiny Pokemon: Which One Should You Get?

A Shiny Pokemon is a special kind of Pokemon that possesses different colouration than what other pokemon of its species possess. pokemon can differ among their species based on how shiny they are. In the debug menu from Pokémon Gold and Silver, they were termed “rare” pokemon. They are also known as Color Pokémon in Pokémon Stadium 2, and also referred to as Alt. Color in the Generation III easy chat system. Since their appearance in the Pokémon franchise, strange color variants (usually manifesting as Shiny pokemon) have become the most desired. However, not all have been as cool as they should. Some are too similar to the patterns from which they start, in other cases the change is always the same (most blue Pokémon are purple in their shiny version) or they are simply uglier than the original design.

Which is the Best Shiny pokemon?


Kicking off the list of the best shiny pokemon is Gyarados. Who does not remember that first encounter with Red Gyarados in Lake Fury from Pokémon Gold and Silver (btw, the best games). It was the way to officially introduce ourselves to the Shiny Pokémon in video games (although in the anime we had already seen, for example, a Butterfree of different shades or a Crystal Onyx). If Gyarados blue is already one of the most imposing designs of the first generation, the change to red directly screams DANGER !, making it seem much more threatening, without a doubt.


If we were to stick with one of the evolutions, it would be Umbreon’s, one of the best shiny pokemon out there. It is true that the color of its yellow rings hardly changes to blue in the variocolor. However, with just that slight tweak, and the combination with the color black, it truly makes it feel more sinister, just the kind of it is.


Yes, we know that to a certain extent we are facing the same tonality as Onyx (we would have liked his shiny to be that crystal from the anime). However, for a Rock / Ground Type Pokémon, that tone made it seem like it had some kind of disease, infection or whatever … that something was not right there. With the change from Rock to Steel, however, that yellow hue makes it feel like shiny Steelixes are essentially pure gold. And those are big words when it comes to majesty, making it a great shiny pokemon.


The case of Charizard, one of the fan-favorite Pokémon designs and a great shiny pokemon, is the perfect example of what a shiny should be: a total modification of the color pattern in which risks are taken, and then it will be seen if they are right or not . Shiny Charizard is a Pokémon that you will easily see that you have had that luck called “variocolor”. This skin changes the fiery orange of the standard creature for a blackish hue that we don’t really know where they come from, because not even Charmander Shiny or Charmeleon Shiny are similar, but they make it look like the perfect polar opposite. Orange = Flames, Black = Ashes.


This shiny pokemon is the epitome of the word “shiny”. In the absence of a Ponyta with its greenish flames in a Valyrian fire plan from Game of Thrones, we love the intensity of the blue flames in the manes of its variocolor version. Makes it a much more sinister Pokémon model than its normal model (too bad shinies don’t change types to suit their new look) with a fire that can be reminiscent of that wisp phenomenon, adding an aura of mystery to one of the most beautiful and elegant Pokémon of the first generation.


The case of Psyduck, in addition to gaining beauty with its variocolor variant, has entered this selection because, as you know, it is the preferred shiny Pokémon of one of the most important developers of the Pokémon saga, Junichi Masuda. With the change from yellow to blue, the evolutionary line seems more natural as it looks more like the future Golduck that it will be (which, by the way, does not change too much between shiny or standard).


The mighty Lugia is why so many of us chose Pokémon Silver. It is one of the best shiny pokemon. Ho-Oh was great, sure, but we had already had a legendary firebird with Moltres . If Lugia’s design tends to be quite popular, the change to reddish on its belly makes it more stylized and the feeling of danger is greater. Do not judge us, it is psychologically proven that red is synonymous with danger and aggressiveness.


Celebi, the diminutive guardian of the forest, is a shade of green by default, which fits perfectly with the Grass-Type, its secondary type. However, its pink shiny pokemon variant would be the one that would represent the Psychic type, its primary type or even the one that refers to the fact that this little being is something like a protective fairy (a pity that for the second generation that type had not yet been invented).


Another great shiny pokemon for you, normal Altaria never manages to reflect the Dragon type it adopts when evolving. His shiny variant doesn’t either, but of course the change from blue to yellow / gold makes him win integers to position himself as the ruler of the skies that he should be.


Perhaps the cutest among the best shiny pokemon, Bewear is just fantastic. In the absence of any convincing Alola form in its shiny version (please, what a horror is that Alolan Digglet?), We are left with the cuddly Bewear as Sun and Moon’s choice. This plump bear is crying out for us to try to put our arms around him. Its shiny version, with a simple change from pink to orange, makes it less of a pampering machine and a little more … “be careful with me”.


Naganadel’s skin was one of the main improvements introduced by Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (in addition to Necrozma’s eccentric fusions). This shiny Pokemon, from the strange and unpublished Poison / Dragon combination, screams toxicity from the rooftops with its purple tone (the one we generally associate with poison in Pokémon). Its shiny variant leaves it closer to the color pattern of a wasp, feeling much more believable and in turn making it appear less threatening … perfect for setting a trap for your enemies.


Undeniably, Milotic is one of the most beautiful Pokemon of all generations, whether they are shiny pokemon or not. Following the tale of the Ugly Duckling, it evolves from Feebas, one of the ugliest of all time. Many may think that it does not improve the color pattern of the standard, but of course it is another perfectly valid combination that makes us want this Pokémon so difficult to get.


By definition, what we least expect from a shiny pokemon is that it turns off the tonality of the standard model. In the case of Rayquaza, it changes its emerald green perfect for a Dragon-Type Pokémon for a very elegant black that, in combination with its yellowish details, makes the Pokémon of the air win in majesty that balances the eternal fight between Earth and Sea (Groudon and Kyogre).


Lucario’s is one of the fan-favorite designs, with no possibility of replication, a fantastic shiny pokemon. The popularity of this Pokémon has been very high due to its versatility for the competition. If the standard model is already impressive, we also like its shiny variant, although in essence it can be understood as a simple inversion of colors. Who else wants a yellow Lucario?


The legendary Psychic Type Pokémon is one of the most hated by Pokémon Go players for the little opportunity to do something in the competition, and the “obligation” to knock it down again and again in raids to get some shiny. This floating entity introduces greenish tones in its rings and some details, without losing the gold of the standard model, which undoubtedly improves the original design 100%, making it one of the best shiny pokemon out there.


In a case similar to Lugia’s, the appearance of the reddish hue turns Absol from looking like a teenager struggling to find a hairstyle he likes, to a menacing four-legged creature, a beautiful shiny pokemon.


Unquestionably, the shiny variant of Metagross improves on the original. We like its metallic hue from the standard, but the change to gray and gold certainly better reflects the nature of its type and composition, as well as making the X stand out much more on the face of this shiny pokemon.


The latest evolution of the Shinx chain introduces us to a great shiny pokemon whose countenance already signifies threat. However, its standard blue version fails to reflect the electric nature of the Pokémon. This mix of orange and black is much more successful and impressive, two colors that match perfectly.


We know that this popular shiny pokemon Emboar is not exactly the evolution of a more popular fire starter, mainly because of its chubby appearance. This distant cousin of Pumbaa changes the shade of orange for blue and purple for the fire on his neck, creating the same impact as Ponyta and making him appear more threatening than his normal version.


Genesect is an imposing and menacing looking shiny pokemon. It is a metallic bug developed in a laboratory and with great destructive power. Its shiny version in red directly says “KILLING MACHINE”.


The Shiny Generation 6 do not turn out very well, without any spectacular design that makes us go headlong to capture thousands of Pokémon of the same type. However, his trio of legendaries are an incredible beauty that luckily they have given us in various events, such as Gamescom a few years ago. The Xerneas deer turns white and its blue becomes lighter, which is definitely more elegant. Luckily, the rainbow hues on his antlers don’t change.


The Destruction Pokémon also turns white to black. It is true that this shiny pokemon loses some sense of sinister, but at the same time it darkens its red tone for a more garnet one. If you saw one in the skies, you would surely run out of fear, shiny or not.


Concluding the list of the best shiny pokemon is the Zygrde. The biggest change of the three legendary X and Y is Zygarde, which in its shiny version happens to have a beautiful green color that, once again, fits perfectly with the change from black to white for its head and tail.

Best Shiny Pokemon: Conclusion

So these were some of the best shiny pokemon in the pokemon universe. Whether you like playing different pokemon games, love reading the mangas, or love watching the anime based on pokemon, these shiny pokemon are the ones you should be familiar with.

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