Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2

Grenades are the first generally popular and valuable utilities in CS: GO. There are various utilities accessible in the game. Strangely, every one of them works in different ways. You can acquire an advantage from these stages during the game. Today, we will examine the Best Grenade spots Dust 2. It is one of the preeminent well-known CS: GO. 

Dust 2 is a Video Game’s generally well-known and Famous Map; it is accessible in the principal individual Shooter Series Counter-Strike. Dust 2 is a notable guide among the local gamers. In this game, the grenade spots are rudimentary terminating positions. 

You can acquire a lot of focus at these spots by scoring an ever-increasing number of kills.

Flashbang is the name of a weapon; used for unadulterated obliteration. Utilize this weapon to paralyze the adversary temporarily. It is extremely valuable to cut down on your foe. It has two cons additionally; you should search for them. It is a single-shot grenade, so if you miss it, you are dead meat. Also, when it crashes into an adversary accidentally, it deflects back to you. As of now, you can’t move from your place. For this situation, you are penetrated with a barrel of projectiles.

Dust 2 is a notorious guide in Counter-Strike, and surprisingly however it’s old, it is one of the most played guides in CS: GO. Legitimate grenade setups are an indispensable piece of the game. It permits you to toss grenades at explicit areas around the guide. Realizing the great smoke spots for Dust 2 is incredible; however, the best grenade spots are far superior. Here is our list of the best grenade spots for Dust 2.

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 – A Site

To start with, how about we investigate the best grenade spots for Dust 2’s A Site. It incorporates diverse pop grenades, combustible/Molotov, and HE grenades that are helpful for the two Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

1. A Long Doors Pop Flash

The primary grenade on this rundown is a pop grenade ideal for entering through long entryways. As a rule, CTs can push up A long and hold a forceful point. Utilizing this pop grenade can assist you with getting inside securely and even help you get a kill or two.

2. A Site Entry Flash from Short

It is another section streak for the T-side players. You toss it from A short/catwalk side and should daze most foes that are stowing away inside the default plant site. Just look out for players stowing away in A long or vehicle.

3. Long Doors Aggressive Pop Flash with Teammate

Then, we have a grenade for CTs who need to be more forceful and push towards long entryways.  Sadly, you can’t do this alone and need another person to toss the grenade for you. Get your best Discord headset and practice this grenade with a companion or a couple. It’s an amazing grenade that most adversaries won’t see coming.

4. A Site Default Molly

Presently, we’re continuing to molly grenades. Molotov and combustible grenades consume and spread once they detonate. It’s an incredible method for clearing regions and corners without really looking at them individually.

This molly is for A site default and can rapidly assist with clearing the site makes it ok for your group to establish the bomb.

5. A Site Goose Molly

Goose is at the top corner of A site. It’s a  spot to stow away from A brief time has total vision over A long. Ordinarily, AWPers play at the goose and get into the corner when stowing away. Tossing a Molotov at this spot is to effortlessly clear the place when coming from A short.

6. Car Molly

At long last, we have the vehicle Molly for A site. It is the last A site grenade spot on this rundown. The vehicle is a typical brazen point to play since you can recognize Terrorists crossing from Along or A short. It’s worth utilizing a Molotov to check the vehicle, and guarantees that nobody is stowing away inside that pocket. The molly can likewise be used from a place of refuge, and with the A long entryways pop grenade for security.

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 – B Site

Then, here are probably the best grenade spots for the B site in Dust 2. Arrangements, as a rule, require hop ties for precision. Try to set up your best CS: GO, console to precisely toss these grenades.

1. Back Platform Molly

Back plat is generally a spot where AWPers hold points in B site. You can undoubtedly drive them to move by tossing a molly back there. He either moves out of cover, and you can get a fast kill, or he consumes from your molly. Ensure that you have a touch of cover since it’s a somewhat open arrangement. Tossing a smoke at B fundamental would help a great deal.

2. CT Spawn Molly from B Site

This molly is extraordinary for forestalling speedy turns through CT generate. It covers an enormous region, and foes cannot pass except if they utilize a smoke grenade to put out the molly or take some harm. This grenade spot possibly works if you have unlimited authority over the B site since it is thrown from an open region.

3. B Main Molly/HE from Doors

This next molly is for CTs and can assist with forestalling B principle surges. You can likewise work with a partner to follow this up with a HE grenade, or you can toss it yourself after the molly fades away to get some additional time.

4. B Main Molly/HE from Window

Notwithstanding the primary grenade spot, you can likewise toss a molly or HE grenade from the B window, and it will fill a similar need. It is only a superior method for throwing the grenades if you are an AWPer holding a window.

5. B Site Molly Great for Retake

This last molly grenade spot is an extraordinary method for retaking B site control as CTs. It can securely be tossed close to B boxes and can assist you with overseeing the site once more. It can also be a method for keeping or postponing adversaries from establishing the bomb.

6. B Site Entry Flash

The accompanying two grenades are both for going into the B site. Both are thrown from various areas and visually impaired individuals from different points. This initial one is better for close points and will daze everybody gazing straight toward the B principle.

7. B Site Deep Flash

Then, this B site passage streak pops farther than the first and should dazzle adversaries situated at B window, back plate, outside B vehicle, and fence. These two grenades are incredible to utilize just after one another and guarantee that most assuming not all individuals protecting the B site are dazed.

8. B Main Flash from Window

Since we’re now discussing streaks, here’s one more fantastic grenade to use to postpone B principle surges. This grenade is tossed from B’s window and should dazzle everybody attempting to surge B principle. 

9. B Site Flash for Retake

In conclusion, we have a decent grenade for retaking the B site. This grenade can be tossed right external B window and should dazzle anybody on location, watching B window, and even foes holding B entryway. It’s a fast grenade that covers an enormous region.

Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2 – Middle Area

The last piece of this rundown incorporates the best grenade spots for the center region in Dust 2. Make a point to prepare your best CS: GO mouse and arrange grenades for mid entryways, short, and passages.

1. Mid Doors Pop Flash

To begin with, we have a mid entryway pop grenade ideal for pushing through burrows. It can astound foes holding behind mid entryways. AWPers ordinarily hold mid-entryways, and once a few enemies even hold close points. They should generally get visually impaired by this grenade.

2. Mid Doors Molly

It is an extraordinary subsequent molly to the previously mentioned streak to push through mid entryways. This molly lands right behind mid entryways and consumes everybody holding the nearby corner.

3. Short Stairs Molly

Then, we have a molly for A short that can hold off forceful CT pushes and assists you with effectively passing through mid-entryways or push burrows. Be ready to battle, however, because adversaries can, in any case, push through the molly.

4. Short Molly for Defenders

Inverse to the principal molly, this one is a CT-side molly that you can toss to forestall fast short pushes. The molly gives your colleagues another chance to move to an A site or reposition to a superior point.

5. Over The Skylight

It is the least difficult spot in this computer game. We use it for covertness purposes. It has demonstrated the best when you need to target your foes. Players toss a grenade while running, and it doesn’t work. For this situation, don’t toss the flashbangs through the lookout window.

Toss them at the center one, and it will go straight down to hit each foe. It likewise conceals you from your enemies. In simple words, this spot can assist you with getting security from your enemies and killing them without any problem.

6. The Cross

This grenade spot proves its benefit when you need to cross out the smoke. A few players submit a serious mix-up, and they imagine that they have made an ideal distraction by utilizing a solitary smoke grenade. However, the cross is somewhat off. You need to understand that you should remain close to the barrel and point the grenade. After so much, make a running toss, and the grenade will pass the top of the corner house. It will boomerang over to close off the cross. After this, your colleague needs to fill the leftover hole by tossing another smoke.

7. New Car

The new car has gradually become a famous situation in Dust 2 for players to hold. They are focusing on it over Long A. It is why you want to get it out to dispense with the danger. You want to remain on the barrel and toss a Molotov from the point found in the underneath picture. It will spread the fire around the vehicle and wipe out any player taking cover behind the car.

8. Surge B

For surge B, what you can do is remain in the column at the thin choke point and afterward toss a smoke grenade while pointing it towards the top. It will assist you with surging B without stressing over moving disposed of from a distant rifleman. You can also toss a pop grenade from a similar area to dazzle everybody outside the chokepoint.

9. Smoke X-BOX from spawn

The following best grenade spot is smoke Xbox from generating. You want to go to the corner with an exemplary view model. Presently, line up the upper right of your smoke grenade with the edge of the shade on top and afterward bounce toss.

10. Smoke the corner flashover

The third best spot for the grenade in Dust 2 is the corner flashover. On the off chance that you have the best long generate and you need to surge smoke the corner flashover, pass the little divider and ensure you’re close and not very far off. Then, at that point, line up your pointer finger with the speck and afterward bounce toss. You want to toss the primary grenade before you enter the entryway and the subsequent blaze off the subsequent entryway, and that will smoke the corner. The grenade will get anybody coming up along. Assuming they’re attempting to look wide on the smoke, they will get dazed by that subsequent grenade.

Presently, if you’re late, go to the corner and check out the upper left of the square shape. Do a run snap bounce toss and afterward return the corner, take a gander at the dab and toss the subsequent grenade. The primary grenade will daze anybody at the corner or pit, while the subsequent grenade will get anybody at the corner pit or plane near the entryways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What is XBOX Dust 2?

A: Dust 2 is a computer game guide included in CS: GO. This guide is set in the dusty climate of Morocco according to the guidelines of the co-fashioner of the first Counter-strike game.

Q2: Why is Dust 2 famous?

A: Dust 2 is the most famous game with a decent guide. It is played so frequently by the players. It is one of the most incredible games for learning fundamental CS: GO abilities like leaps, development, points, and procedures.

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