10 Easiest Sports to Bet Upon for New Bettors

Betting on sports is one of the most common gambling methods and perhaps, a popular hobby around the world. Betting on a sports event is fun and can bring huge profits if you are an experienced bettor.  With new technologies emerging each day, many sports bettors are provided with information that further helps them in making a good predictions. The Internet gives statistical data on sports teams or players which was not available previously. If you are a new bettor and looking for some easiest sports to bet on, check the below list before making a choice.


Football is one sport that is loved by many people worldwide. This is the game chosen by many sports bettors as they bet on it while enjoying the real-time match. The popularity has increased the betting aspects, and with numerous bookmakers vying for gamblers’ attention, you may find some great odds in major events from top bookmakers easily. Moreover, football is available on many betting markets around the world that offer promotions during big events.

Horse Racing

The second most famous sport worldwide loved by gamblers is horse racing. The race takes place frequently, offering greater odds to the players. Many bookmakers are allowed to cover the horse races which makes online betting easier. All you need to do is make a reach about different racetracks, horses, and jockeys to compare the information with the one provided by the horseracing betting site.


Tennis is liked by many sports lovers worldwide and is considered an easy sport to bet upon. In the United Kingdom, betting on tennis ranks just behind football and horse racing as lots of gamblers make huge money from the bookmakers found online. The game is interesting as is the betting on tennis due to the wide array of markets and tournaments taking place frequently. With the stats available and tournament info, you can make some serious money in tennis betting for sure.

Boxing/ Combat sports

Many combat sports are gaining attraction these days which is not limited to betting only. Gamblers make huge profits while putting a wager on the players. Although combat sports are not as popular as the former ones, there is a lot of data available on the internet which can make you a smart bettor. In fact, many combat sports lovers join these betting markets where they love to place bets on their favourite players. However, you must always check info about different players rather than placing bets emotionally.


Golf is one of the easiest sports to bet on. The game is rather a simple one, although it may sound complicated to many. Moreover, many golf events are held these days which makes the possibility of winning higher. For best results, keep a track of golf events and follow the tips available in popular golf betting markets. You can even learn about golf players’ names, weaknesses and strengths before placing bets on them.

Winter sports

Although not a common one, an easy sport to bet on is winter sports. If you learn about the game odds and offers, you will know why we have added winter sports to the list. The games come with many opportunities to win which means, winning can be a lot easier. Some of the games include ski jumping, bobsled, cross-country skiing and others.


Cricket is one sport where you can place bets in different ways, making it one of the most flexible betting sports to bet on. A large number of events are held each year which can keep you occupied always. Moreover, the popularity of the game and its players helps us get all the information easily, learning which odds can be selected easily. But make sure you choose an authentic betting market since many fake sites have emerged recently that lure new players through bonuses and schemes.


Rugby is one of the sports which is not played in every country worldwide. However, if you love the game, you will find that betting on rugby is much easier than in other sports. This is because you will enjoy the live rugby match and pick the best odds to place bets on rugby betting sites. The game is high-scoring which is the reason bettors get many chances to win big. The only issue with this sport is live betting availability in very few areas.


Electronic sports are referred to as “esports,” which is sometimes mistaken for a video games. Even said, esports is more akin to a team sport in which players from all around the world come together to compete. By arranging competitions and championships identical to traditional sports, it is made appealing. While the audience is enthralled, winners get significant financial awards. The popularity of esports can in part be credited to game streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, where users can easily watch their favourite games.


Any NBA fan will tell you about the high scores earned by teams that are given just 24 seconds on every possession to score. Because of such high scores, many bookmakers worldwide use the line or the spread to equalize the chances of either team winning the wager. For newbies, basketball gambling seems to be an exciting option as every move occurs within a short span. One of the most enjoyable leagues to bet on is NBA with many ups and downs taking place in every single shot. There seems to be no short of betting options during the entire NBA event. Many multiple betting options are also available for the punters which allows them to wager on their favourite or the winning team.

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